Weather And Energy Information For Aurora CO

This blog post will provide you with some helpful weather and energy-related information specific to Aurora, Colorado.  Please thank Northwind Heating and Air for their encouragement of this post, and their company offers residential heating and cooling services to those who live or own/rent residential properties in Aurora, Centennial, and Parker. 

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Weather History For Aurora CO

Monthly weather history for Aurora (Click Here) including average

  • wind speed
  • temperature
  • dew point
  • gust wind
  • sea level pressure
  • more


Graphical weather charts going back to 2009 for Aurora (Click Here).  Includes historical hourly weather readings for past several days.

Average hourly temperature, humidity, cloud cover, rainfall, snowfall and more for Aurora over the past several months (Click Here)

Aurora Colorado historical temperature, dew points, wind speed and more with daily readings going back to 1945 (Click Here)

Power And Energy Information Pertaining To Aurora Colorado

Electric and gas information for Aurora (go here)

American Petroleum Institute page about Aurora (go here)

Colorado power outage map (go here)

How to report a power outage in Aurora (go here)

Average electricity rates in Aurora (commercial, industrial and residential - go here)

Power stations around Aurora (map - go here)

City of Aurora page for permits, some of which are required for HVAC and residential heating & cooling projects (go here)


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